Trading Loyalty For Logic

wave that flag
vote that card
march and salute
loyalty for logic

fake news shout
pick news out
honor in loyalty
loyalty for logic

political pick voters
voters rolling over
remind your loyalty
loyalty for logic

Between The Sheets

twist and writhe
between the sheets
warm safe sweaty
food delivered
water and wine
sacred heights
cosmic depth
between the sheets
time folds inward
a world away
problems roil and roll
in knots wet
taut tug tight
between the sheets
all melts away
gone from me
in isolation I see
depression’s lonely stare
my gaunt gaping maw
between the sheets

I Am Both Spinneret and Silk

spontaneous laugh of a child
thunder roar in brass bell peal
echo in the heart of memory
forming generational silk
to the spider’s web of a life
silent in its connection to
fast forward frames and peel back of
the how we are and why we do
again the wave rising up in “I am”
sinking back into the ocean of us

Pestilence and Politics

pestilence and politics
pandemic and plague
with a half million down
and society to go
they block the shot
and fake them out
they talk a lot
no truth to shout
that forever reign
a wish to steal
pass by the doorman
death on your heals
deciding factors tied
how much you got?
kneel on the neck
democracy’s not
a basket of goodies
tied in a bag
representing in hoodies
deciding the flag
the money flows thick
green with white tinge
the darker the funds
the lighter the skin
apartheid still fails
but always gets tried
any port in a storm
promise always to lie

I think we have learned more about toilets

Donald Trump and his new Republican Party proved something: That a Constitution written when indoor plumbing was actually cutting-edge technology, is not itself strong enough to withstand a manipulative assault on it by a modern day organized crime mindset that literally came of age in the dark gaps found between its words.