and so it’s passed from hand to fist
to rob the thief of ages
removing fear enjoining hands
embracing total strangers

prayer shifts the quantum stage
peace begets a germ of hope
love on loan doth sooth the dread
a part you are, collective soul

some how it’s me
my mother, your friend
passing along as potency forms
connecting the bonds in dew reborn

longing out for people you love
the web of a net, directed at you
all life suffers, the first noble truth
but a cross the valley eternity’s blue

luminescent life love
for longing each other
yet hand to hand this actually
calls down powers from above

a cross a time in altruism
ripples connect when do our eyes
some go forward, some stay put
from corpus christi to telluride

thou art that omnipotence
essence of all concentrate form
unbroken chain of pain and love
the power extends in cruciform