Today I woke up to stories about anonymous police forces patrolling the streets of our nation’s capital. When asked who they were, they replied simply that they “work for the federal government”. Further investigation seems to suggest that they are from the Bureau of Federal Prisons. So what are they patrolling for? Who are they tasked with protecting?

This is probably related to the fact that only a few days after the President of the United States steamrollered masses peaceful protesters in from of the White House with tear gas and rubber bullets (citizens and press alike), apparently because His Orangeness was suddenly gripped with the overwhelming urge to go pose with a Bible like a grumpy Billy Mays trying to hawk some overstock.

Of course, that gem had been done in response to news reports that Trump and his family had been whisked away to a bunker for their safety after a horde of protesters broke through some barricades the night before in their attempts to have a word with him.

Needless to say, that too had a prequel: The senseless death of George Floyd at the knee of a white police officer. This event wasn’t so much a ‘spark in a tinderbox’ kind-of-thing, it was more like a “a bonfire in an ammo dump”, if you catch my drift.

Because, why? Because, before all of these things there was the countless other things that have happened. There has been three and a half mother fucking years of this slow moving coup. And they’re getting away with nothing more than Trump smashes a bunch of dishes in front of a camera, while McConnell and Barr run out the back door with the jewelry.

Why has everything suddenly escalated? Why is becoming more authoritarian with each passing event?

The election is coming soon, and the idea U.S. citizens voting almost entirely by mail is now a very real possibility, and therefore a very real threat to the GOP. They weren’t counting on COVID-19 helping to level the voter suppression playing field. But they’re not fighting like this just because they’re worried about losing their jobs.

Nope… They’re worried about a whole lot more than that.

Donald Trump inspects the White House bunkers