It wasn’t impersonating a journalist who is disabled.
It wasn’t being recorded on a hot mic saying he grabs women by the pussy.
It wasn’t rumors of a pee tape.
It wasn’t sleeping with porn stars.
It wasn’t suspicion of Russian aiding him in his election.
It wasn’t being named in an indictment that his personal attorney is now serving time for.
It wasn’t campaign finance violations.
It wasn’t firing the FBI Director.
It wasn’t kids in cages, or separating families for the crime of seeking asylum.
It wasn’t withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement.
It wasn’t travel bans.
It wasn’t a lackluster and deadly non-response to Hurricane Maria.
It wasn’t trying to appoint judges who were demonstrably unfit for the bench.
It wasn’t tariffs that are crippling our own farmers.
It wasn’t hiding politically sensitive information on national security servers.
It wasn’t the Mueller Report showing plenty of collusion, if you were one of the handful of people who read it.
It wasn’t getting impeached, and having someone from his own party vote to remove him from office.
It wasn’t making money off of the Secret Service who are forced to pay his company to stay at his properties in order to protect him.
It’s wasn’t the golf trips have cost the country well over $100,000,000 and counting.
It won’t even be his botched handling of a growing pandemic.

No, Trump only cares about money. He inherited a booming economy and has been taking credit for it since he walked through the door. But, now that it is teetering on a massive decline, he won’t be able to resist the urge to manipulate things to save his cash. The fear of a bad economy in an election year would probably be enough. But let’s face it, he doesn’t care of someone else goes broke, just himself.

If anything is gong to bring him down, it will be something to do with money.