I work in IT. And I have always felt that if your tech department is doing a really good job you don’t really see them around much. And, that’s actually a good thing.

But some people don’t always think so. Some people start to wonder what these techies do all day. Because, when everything is working certain people sometimes forget that things are there in the first place, and that there may actually be competent people behind them who keep things functioning.

Unfortunately, when all you care about is cutting costs, it can be easy to ignore the fine details. Besides, they just make things messy, and they only slow the necessary cuts. Just rip that bandaid off!

The thing is, eventually emergencies happen. And, in every life a little rain must fall. But, that’s also when you get to see where that roof you’ve been neglecting is leaking from.

Emergencies always exploit the weaknesses created by aggressively rapacious mismanagement (And remember, never underestimate the lengths those responsible for that systemic damage will go to in order to hide their culpability).

And that’s just doing tech support in most small business these days! HAHAHA! Could you imagine if that happened on a bigger scale? Like, if the President of the United States did something stupid like partially defunding the CDC, and hamstringing its ability to respond to something like a worldwide pandemic. And then to really F- things up, he puts a science-denying religious zealot in charge who would much prefer to take up snakes against us sinners, than to have to coordinate a scientifically based, global health effort meant to save our eternally damned asses.