*Sorry for the mid-post edit. But by some snafu of editing, two paragraphs switched places.

Yesterday’s news reports were saying that U.S. Intelligence officials had recently briefed Congress on Russia’s current efforts to re-elect Donald Trump. When it became known that this briefing had already happened, the president went, well… ape-shit.

And no, not because he was upset that a foreign power would have the gall to try to intervene in a U.S. election (like his 44 predecessors would have done). Nope. This guy got pissed because other parts of our government now have this damaging information. And also because (and this part can’t be understated when it comes to Trump), one of those people was Adam Schiff. A man who clearly appears to terrify Donald Trump because of his sheer tenacity.

This appears to have upset the president to the point that he felt he had to shit-can the Director of National Intelligence. Again, not something any of his 44 predecessors would have done, for fear of how the American people would have perceived a move like that. However, Donald Trump has never indicated that he actually cares about what roughly 59% of the country thinks because they don’t agree with him. And his world that’s enough. To him, they are now nothing more than pesky impediments to his need to rig the scales.

So Trump had a hissy fit and then simply replaced the Director of National Intelligence with the next in a long line of temporary and disposable sycophants, all of which are sure that they alone are special to him.

This kind of news can really send my mind in a million different directions, none of which are good. And certainly not if you are like me, and prefer your country maintaining some autonomy in this world.

This is serious shit. This kind of national betrayal goes way beyond just “conservatives finally get to own the cucks”. This is the kind of crisis that has large swaths of the American population suddenly looking at one another, wondering who’s going to be the one to step forward and lead us all this worsening juggernaut of ever-worsening strife.

Last night as the evening news was broadcasting this latest development in our national crisis, one part of my brain began to go into alarm mode. Yet at the same time my parental instincts were awakened to the danger, and began to actively search for a more comforting interpretation of this reality to portray to my children.

For me, that’s the biggest crime President Trump has committed. He has threatened my family’s safety and security simply because he had no self-control or moral compass, and now he needs to protect his own extremely thin skin.