Yesterday, Donald Trump showed the world just how focused he is on corruption. And never before have a U.S. president’s actions been so illustrative.

We might have doubted how focused on corruption he was when he sent his neighborhood buddy and newly anointed personal lawyer and fixer, Rudy Ghouliani to Ukraine to uncover the deeply hidden evidence of corruption that only someone like Rudy could identify. But, despite our doubt and his having one of the best intelligence organizations in the world at his fingertips, Trump intuitively knew that only Rudy could produce this kind of evidence he needed.

However, yesterday when Donald Trump decided to pardon Rob Blagojevich, Bernie Kerik, and Michael Milken, he was showing the world just how devoted he was to corruption. Trump was resigned to the fact that, despite the deep lessons that he and Susan Collins knew that he had learned during his impeachment, it was necessary for him to forge on and continue to work on corruption in ways that only he alone could.

Don’t for a minute believe that this is somehow a real world equivalent of the mass breakout of Death Eaters from Azkaban. This is a carefully orchestrated summoning of individuals with unique talents, who are now indebted to Donald Trump, and who will help him get done what he needs getting done.

Don’t be fooled by this flurry of seemingly crazy and unrelated pardons, it is by no means a smokescreen for the upcoming pardons for Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. It’s just a happy coincidence in Trump’s personal crusade with corruption. Nor is this some sort of public celebration of his exoneration by Mitch McConnell’s Senate. And it most definitely isn’t a giant middle finger to the millions of Americans who have always been able to trust that in America no one is above the law.