I have been thinking this over for a while, and like many others, I have arrived at the belief that we need to prepare for what will undoubtedly be the most dangerous election season in American history. And we should also be prepared for the fact that whether or not Trump loses the 2020 election or he terms out four years later, I see no evidence that Donald Trump would ever relinquish any sort of power. Certainly not willingly, and certainly not without a fight.

What makes me think this? First off, there’s already no reason to believe he will act like everyone is hoping he will act if he loses the election. When has he ever acted like other presidents would when the stakes were high? Why should we expect him to start doing so now that the stakes are at their highest?

There are so many things that have already surfaced in the news about Trump that if a any normal citizen had done them, they’d have been prosecuted without question. We also know that it’s quite possible there are sealed indictments out there waiting for him right now. And we also know that he knows that too!

So with that as my framework, I simply considered everything I know about Donald Trump’s behavior in situations where there is some societal norm expected of him but his ego’s been bruised. I thought about how his machine functions when they need a patsy to discredit an unfavorable event for Trump. I then added 2 + 2 and asked myself, “Do I think Donald Trump would ever do anything at all where he would put himself in legal peril, of any sort?”

That was all it took for me. Seriously, give this a try.

And I want you to remember that his supporters have already created an environment where he is essentially exempt from any accountability while he remains the president. We also know that he will disavow even his oldest friend, and without hesitation scapegoat a hero in front of the world. Top that all off with the fact that he is not only being allowed to violate societal norms with regularity, but his supporters are encouraging it more and more with each previous breach.

I think we are in for an incredibly dirty, and extremely dangerous election season at the very least. Because I know there is nothing that Donald Trump wouldn’t be willing to try in order to escape responsibility for any action he takes, all while defending his rights to have acted as he did.

There is nothing he has ever said or done that would indicate he is capable of willingly walking away from power. And always remember how willing his supporters are to hurt others with impunity.

Too many people believe this is still about just an election.