Last night (2/6/20) Rachel Maddow opened her show by talking about someone named Sununu. In fact she was discussing a phone jamming scandal I JUST wrote about when I said, “It should be noted here that during that particular election, the NH Republican Party “meddled” in the election in what would become known as the “2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal”.” (I swear I had no idea that Republicans were in the middle of doing the exact same thing in Iowa).

Now, my post was purely about me no longer trusting anyone running for anything as a Republican. When I wrote it I thought the Sununus were the perfect illustration to make my point. It looks like I wasn’t the only one.

That being said, maybe we should all keep our eyes on New Hampshire during this year’s Presidential Primary Election this coming Tuesday. It will be held under the watchful eye of our state’s governor, Chris (wait for it…) SUNUNU.

What’s do you think, have they earned the benefit of the doubt yet?