When I was a kid, I had a couple of close friends I could always be found with. We would be gone the entire day with no way for anyone to contact us. And man, did we do some stupid shit.

Well, one evening my friends and I were wandering around and we found some kerosene on a construction site. Being young, stupid, and bored, we decided to find some sticks and rags and make some torches that we then lit and wandered around some neighborhood like we were on Gilligan’s Island doing a late night coconut run.

Apparently, someone didn’t like looking out of their picture window and seeing three massive flaming torches go bouncing merrily on down the street. And since early 1980’s suburbia wasn’t usually a time period closely associated with casual torch use, some terrified homeowner called the cops. By the time the cruiser found us, we were a ways away, the torches long extinguished in a puddle a couple of blocks back.

“What are you guys up to tonight?”, asks the officer.

“The two of us are walking him home”, we explained, while the three of us demonstrate which person is doing what, with a series of head nods and thumb jerks.

He nods and asks, “You guys haven’t seen anyone around here lighting things on fire, have you? We had some reports that a group of kids is walking around with torches. You guys see anything like that?”

I’m sure that as we stood there, no doubt reeling of kerosene, our twitchy behavior must have been nothing but reassuring to the officer. In the off chance that it wasn’t enough, we decided to really seal the deal by adding, “We saw three kids a few blocks back, but no fires.”

Three… other… kids. Three… Really?! That’s the best we could do? The cop had never even said how many kids he was looking for. So why the hell did we feel the need to add that little detail into our story?? It was a ham-handed attempt at redirecting a cop who was probably just glad we had put out whatever we had been fucking around with, and that we did so without hurting anyone. No harm, no paperwork. This was the early 80’s, where you were still allowed to be stupid a couple of time before you got a record.

But he wasn’t fooled, and we knew it. In fact, in that moment we all understood each other quite well, because there was an unspoken understanding. We were not likely to be doing anything quite that stupid again for at least a couple weeks, and he wouldn’t be taking us into custody. But he made sure it obvious that he could see right through our bullshit, and that we may want to stop with that one single, really stupid lie.

In politics for some reason, people put out bullshit excuses that are far more transparent than three teenagers telling a cop they saw three other teenagers doing stupid things. But because of decorum, proximity, and the everlasting need to save face, they rarely get called out on it. That’s exactly why it is important that we continue to call out obvious bullshit when a politician spews it out of their talking hole, especially these days.

Donald Trump recently decided that it would be beneficial if he insinuated the Lester Holt interview was “fudged” in some nefarious way, so as to make him look guilty of obstruction. Mind you, this is after more than a year of this clip being played, without him saying boo about it. He has mentioned it once, and he’s watching to see how it plays out. If there’s no major blowback, then a few weeks from now, when someone brings up the NBC interview, and he’ll make a veiled comment that it has been tampered with…

The trap is set…

A reporter will step one foot into the trap, depressing the trigger mechanism with a question, “Mr. President, can you tell us what you believe was edited in the Holt interview?”

SNAP! The jaws of the trap clamp shut! We’ve got one!!!

Once he gets questioned about evidence to back up his claim, he can finally feign incredulity that the coverup has begun. He already planted the story weeks ago, without having to explain himself. Why are reporters suddenly pretending like it didn’t happen, and asking for evidence now that they’ve had weeks to bury it?!

See, you can’t question conspiracy theories. If you do, they act like the fabled Hydra, multiplying a dozen times for each single attack you make on it. Add to that, the faithful Trumpers who take his word as a directive, and the Hydra’s heads can now reproduce throughout the country, popping from the necks of swastika tattooed bodies far and wide. The ultimate goal being, if you can get them thinking that truth is relative, then you can sow doubt. And in sowing doubt you can replace the storyline with one that explains things in such a way that it explains the story, and why white people are really the victims in all of this.

Actually, I’m pretty sure they’ll blame George Soros somewhere along the way as well. Always sowing division.