One of the things I spend way too much time wondering about is how can Trump’s supporters keep themselves talked into staying a supporter in the face of everything he says and does himself. Let alone what he blames on his imaginary Deep State.

When Comey got axed, Trump suggested there might be audio recordings to prove his side of events. Aside from being one of the most staggering displays of tone-deafness by a sitting U.S. President (I mean, when has a President who secretly tapes his staff ever been a problem?!) But even then, the suggestion was that Trump had taped people, not the other way around.

I mean, what does it say that, of the two people we know of who have recorded Donald Trump are:

1. Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer and consigliere. The guy who knows where all the bodies are buried. The one who probably knows Trump the best, what he’s capable of. This lawyer taped his boss and client. What unique circumstances might have been present for a lawyer to perform such an act that could lead to his immediate disbarment? What would trigger that kind of self-defensive/destructive action?

2. And then here is Omarosa, his Apprentice doppelgänger. That’s right, the woman who defined “reality show villain”, became a confidante to Trump, and he too must have felt a similar connection since he took her under his wing. So why would a calculating, manipulative, reality TV star feels she needs to secretly record the staff of the White House, and possibly even the President? Especially since you are automatically cast in a dark light yourself by recording people in stealth like this. What was she hoping to show?

And in the president’s Twitter seizure afterwards, he insults HER intelligence as an employee. One that he hired! Friends or not, these jobs are too important to hand out like soccer camp flyers. Either this White House cares more about paying back favors for friends than they do about hiring a Senior White House Advisor who is qualified, or they really don’t know how to screen people.

If you have dismissed enough “rank and file” WH employees because you don’t trust them unless they are from your inner circle, then how do you expect anyone to make sure that things are being screened according to the hugest security protocols?

And so, the outgoing Deep State employees are not the who’ve been revealed to have secretly taped the President… it’s his own ‘trusted’ inner circle! Even he doesn’t refute that, and yet… the blame is still falling on his enemies! How?!

Conspiracies and shadow groups are now the official opponents of the Republican Party. It’s true. At this point most of the things they are openly arguing for in the light of day, are predicated on conspiracies themselves. And the thing is, it doesn’t matter how convincing you are, you can not argue against a conspiracy. Since it contains no facts, it can (and will) always morph and adapt to fit the cause.

That’s exactly what’s happening now. America is no longer worshipping facts and reason. Instead, large parts of America are now worshipping victimhood status, and adapting these old crazy classics to cover them with, like a new throw pillow.

Feeling like there’s a shadowy government group running things? No problem! Let’s just dust off this old Illuminati story…

Need help convincing yourself that things don’t make sense? Convinced that there’s an underground pedophile ring that only Donald Trump can expose?! Enter “Q”, where Donald Trump is a super hero who has been tasked with taking down a secret worldwide cabal of pedophiles… and really not skeezing on his own daughter.

You can’t make this stuff up! Actually… you can. That’s why it’s not real.

All of these conspiracies arise out of the ashes of people’s crumbling dreams. When you are unable to accept the harsh reality that your persecution of the world no longer fits the stuff you are living and seeing, the ego come forth to say you must look elsewhere, anywhere. The pliability of conspiracy theories means that one size truly can fit all.

But the goal never changes. The conspiracy theory ultimately serves one purpose. In the end it is a self-justifying excuse to perform the extreme acts you already have every intention of performing. And that is exactly why this is so dangerous.