Paul Manafort appears to have had some money problems. He had them on the actual day he left the Trump campaign, no less. In fact, the first thing he did after leaving the campaign was to suddenly apply for tens of millions of dollars in personal loans… in exchange for a promised position of political power.

And of course now we know that he was also having money troubles before he was Trump’s campaign manager too.

But amazingly, in between those two time periods, he volunteered to run Donald Trump’s presidential campaign… for free!


During this time, Trump’s attitude regarding Russia, and specifically Vladimir Putin, visibly changes. A short time later it metastasized onto the RNC’s official platform.

Oh! And at the same time as all of this, a Russian oligarch is suing him for $10,000,000 in open court.

Oh, and apparently years ago, he and Trump were supposed to split Yankees season tickets. But really, they barely know each other.

And we’re all okay with this?