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Where to start? …Let’s see:

  • As always, the label ‘fake news’ is only applied to things he doesn’t like or agree with, even though, at this point is almost universally being reported on by all news outlets.
  • He appears to have worded it in a way that tells us the meeting was initiated and controlled by Don Jr., since he is the one who ‘had’ it.
  • His labeling of his son as ‘wonderful’, and the constant concern about his kids getting into trouble that he also displays, tells me that maybe we should have some nepotism laws so our president can concentrate on the other 324,999,999 people in the country he is supposed to show interest in.
  • While there are a whole lot of reasons why it’s probably not okay to have another country help you get elected, it’s even worse if your president, whom is sworn to uphold the laws of our country, instead spends all of his energy looking for loopholes in them instead.
  • It seem to me that politicians should only be allowed to campaign on what they themselves are going to do for their constituents, and how they will achieve it. Not about how horrible everyone else is. Can you imagine if we had to choose everything else in our lives this way?: “Don’t buy Pepsi~Cola. They keep changing their formula… What’s else aren’t they telling us?! — {We’re Coca~Cola, and we approve of this message}

Ask yourself this, if you owned your own business and an employee spent all of their time avoiding work blaming others like this, would you just let it continue without any consequences?