At this point, I can only hope that the power brokers in the Republican Party are seriously drawing up plans on how to enact the 25th Amendment. The guy who’s been squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has said some seriously fucked up stuff.

Just yesterday he started his day by all but threatening Iran with nuclear annihilation. He then went on to target a few political figures who have publicly shown some spine against him. Many of them openly calling for his removal from office. The idea of stripping security clearances from people who publicly disagreed with him… that’s petty, thin-skinned, third world dictator bullshit. The mainstream reading of current events says that Trump is beginning to act like a cornered animal and lashing out in irrational ways. Of course the problem with that theory is that it depends on him have a rational side.

For most of my life, the Republican Party has bragged about being the Party of Law and Order. In fact, for years just about every political position they held, has been borderline Constitutional fetishism. In fact, during the Obama years, there were a number of politicians who likely were using a rolled up copy as a marital aid for themselves.

The bottom line is that in almost every scenario, the Legislative branch of the Unites States Government is the one way that the founders gave us to combat such a psychopath.

And so, the country looks to politicians who have remained uncharacteristically quiet, as they spend their time pillaging the country’s tax revenues in an effort to pay back their rapacious donors, while using the presidents mental deterioration as a smoke screen. Saving the country that has blessed them will always take second place, it seems.