Here is why so many people in the Republican party are willing to set aside solid evidence, and instead believe what Donald Trump tells them. The far-right movement of conservatives that has been living on a diet of straight-up conspiracies and lies for so long, that it is second nature to them now. As evidenced by your average conversation these days.

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Bubba Q. Public: “Obama is secretly from Kenya”

Normal Brain Brian: “Seriously, there’s a public records trail a mile wide that refutes all of that.

Bubba Q. Public: “Planted years ago. Them there Muslins think in decades, not days.

Normal Brain Brian: “Did you get upset at some of the stuff his church minister said? That Jeremy Wright guy… You know, from Trinity Church?”

Bubba Q. Public: “Oh sure. You know that guy was part of the human trafficking syndicate. See, there’s this pizza place in Warshington…”

Normal Brain Brian: “Wait! What? I thought you guys said that was a Hillary thing?”


**(about 20 minutes of swearing, and breaking things, and a whole lot of babble about emails, and shills, and back braces, and uranium, and pizza shops, and foundations, and Benghazi, and emails, and Benghazi, and emails…)

Normal Brain Brian: “Are you okay? It sounds like we might have hit a nerve and…”

Bubba Q. Public: “LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!!”

Normal Brain Brian: “There’s no one else around us. Why do you keep chanting and looking around for people to join you? It’s only you and me.”

**(another 20 minutes of ranting and yelling at the salt and pepper shakers on the table…)

Normal Brain Brian: (to self) “Maybe it’s time to lighten up the mood) — “So, how about this weather lately?”

Bubba Q. Public: “You fucking snowflake! Oooh noooo! The world is gonna end because it’s raining out! It’s the big bad global warming! What’s that?? Oh, we had record snowfall this year. BOOM! Take that! You fucking shill.”

Normal Brain Brian: (pauses to come up with something, anything to talk about that doesn’t involve a conspiracy…) — “How about we put all this aside and go grab a cup of coffee?”

Bubba Q. Public: “Coffee?! HAHAHA!!! Suuuure! Yeah, let’s go get some mocha choka burnt crap from Charbucks so we can fund more terrorists coming over the border, I can see right through you and your Commie crap.”

Normal Brain Brian: (Walks away shaking his head, as Bubba screams about winning the argument because of his superior ‘free thinking’ American logic, and telling everyone to ‘Do your homework people!’)