If Trump was able to shut his mouth for five minutes, he would have heard the warnings. I mean, fer fuck’s sake, I’m nowhere near D.C., and I heard it!

You can’t discount the adverse effects of his paranoia either. I have no doubt that this president really believes that anyone who doesn’t agree with him, is actually part of the worldwide plot against him: The Deep State, the Illuminati, Mexico, the National Association of Buggy Whip Nostalgics (excluding Putin and Kim Jong-un, who he has no problem believing)

Oh, and it’s comforting to know that Donald Trump not only believes Rush Limbaugh, but he actually quotes the douchebag to the rest of the world like he revealed some sort of ironclad proof. Instead of what Limbaugh really is… A conservative blowhard who only stops making shit up long enough to pop a few oxys, before he moves on to condemn heroin addicts.