America First: Trump’s slogan.

I don’t really agree with it because I know there’s a lot more beneath the surface on this one, but I get it.

He’a proud of it, and proclaimed, “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first.” This is the kind of thing that drives progressives crazy, because his supporters like to remind them that he keeps his campaign promises. And America First is one of those.

Therefore, when those Russians reach out and offer help to you as a candidate and offer to help you win the election, you don’t act like a moron and bring that information straight to the FBI like Al Gore did! No! You accept that meeting, and gather dirt on Democrats as fast as you can. Remember, Russia is helping you put America First! That’s why no one needs undercover FBI agents poking around looking for Russian spies in their campaign… It’s Un-American!

When Vladimir Putin told you that he didn’t mess with our election, you let us know that you believed him! You have to do that. It’s the only way you can hold your intelligence community accountable, so we can start putting America First!

And you helped a Chinese company get back to work! Because when China gave you that half billion dollar loan, you knew it was going to help your business investments… And that’s going to help your whole family! So, thank you for demonstrating how we should all put America First!