If you’ve been following that “witch hunt” of an investigation into the whole Trump/Russia whatchamahoozit, then you know there was a meeting in Trump Tower back in June of 2016.

And you probably also heard about Don Jr.’s explanation as to why the meeting was no big deal. “They just wanted to talk about adoptions”, he explained.

Only adoptions? That’s odd…

If this meeting was the Russia’s only chance before the election to sneak in a “big ticket request” to the Trump campaign, why the hell would they pick the adoption of Russian orphans’?

Why indeed.

You may remember that back in 2012, Russia banned Americans from being able to adopt orphans out of Russia. There was a bunch of news stories at the time on the subject, but none of them really explained what it was all about. And what the hell do those Russian orphans have to do with the 2016 presidential election? Why did they target Donald Trump’s campaign with this request?

You’ve probably heard about the Magnitsky Act in the news, but do you know what that is? Do you know the whole story?

The person that really needs to tell this story is the man who lived it, Bill Browder. So at this point I’m going to ask you to click on the below link. It will take you to the webpage for “Stay Tuned with Preet”. On there, Preet interviews Browder on that story, and on how all of these things all fit together.

Take the time to give it a listen. Don’t only wont you won’t you regret it, you won’t be able to look at the Trump/Russia scandal the same way ever again. Share this with others. Get this story out. This is who we’re really dealing with.

The Death of Sergei Magnitsky