Whether you like the Trump Administration, can’t stand it, or even if you want to limit government down to the size that you can “drown in the bathtub”, I can’t imagine any scenario that says filling the president’s cabinet with talk show hosts isn’t just batshit crazy.

I mean, if you like that Donnie gets his information from Fox and Friends, wouldn’t you now be bummed that Fox has to hire new personalities now?

If you want fiscal responsibility, why would you want to have to keep training new cabinet members because of the turnover. Especially when those people have no experience with what they’re being asked to do. The learning curve to go from a talk show personality, to something like National Security Advisor, has to be a wee bit steeper than average.

What is clear is that conservatives have lost their way a while ago. They used to preach the moral high ground, and feign outrage at slights against America. Now they are required to either pretend that everything in the news is a complete fabrication and the world is against them, or they have to devise creative ways to explain why porn stars and Russian spies are really in our nation’s best interest. Of course, they can’t do that, but why would that stop them from trying?

The Republican party has become the American political equivalent of Slytherin House from Harry Potter. The willingness to lie, or team up with the most unscrupulous of people, doesn’t seem to phase them, especially if it gets them what they want. In other words, the end justifies the means, no matter how mean the meanness. Because in Slytherin, like the Trump White House, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.