Remember when the Tea Party people got elected, and soon after, placed themselves as the opposition party to, well… pretty much everything? And remember when that caused Moody’s to drop America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+ because we could no longer be counted on to pay the bills we owe (a.k.a. ‘the debt ceiling’)?

And remember when Donald Trump was elected President and upon his inauguration he promised to put America First when he made any decision as it related to us and the world? And then, soon after, he handed Angela Merkel a bill for what he felt Germany owes us for their NATO membership?

And remember when economists began to talk about how all this, when combined, could destabilize the dollar to the point that it may no longer be considered the world’s currency because America has become too unpredictable, and that China would undoubtedly try to take advantage of that with the yuan?

And finally, remember when Donald Trump got elected on a platform of restoring America’s standing as a world leader because “they’re all laughing at us”?