Today is for the protestors. The teenagers who have done more than all politicians combined. They have certainly done more than the NRA, who has always placed a higher value on gun ownership than it does on the Americans that those same guns kill.

Until we the NRA is willing to talk about the issues of gun safety, instead of ratcheting everything up to 11, they should be treated as complicit in the murder of every American who has died as the result of a shooting in this country. Whether it be by a mass shooter, a paranoid militia member, an easily obtained method of suicide, or even a child who found a loaded weapon and pulled the trigger for the last time. The NRA has always placed sales over lives.

No more!

And as for the age of these very effective gun rights advocates? It might help to remember that, were this still 1780, they would be on the front lines fighting for the freedom of our country.

Exactly what they are doing now.