If you believe that the election of Donald Trump’s was the result of something other democratic elections, then you likely are very concerned right now.

The main problem as I see it, is that the primary issue right now is that we can’t fully rely on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to save us. Why?

Well, that’s because the Special Counsel is tasked with finding out the what happened, but not what we should do about it. He doesn’t get to pronounce judgement on the president. And if you were hoping for an indictment, it’s not likely. The problem is that no one has ever indicted a sitting president. And, quite frankly, most constitutional scholars don’t know if it is even legal to do so.

Since Trump has systematically started firing all of the “adults in the room”, and replaced them with nationalist Fox News hawks, this has suddenly become a pressing matter. And it’s not like it isn’t one that our founders foresaw. In fact, they did. And they even gave us a constitutional way to remove them from office. But in order to do that, Congress must vote to impeach the President.

Quite simply, that will not happen until Paul Ryan is done backdooring everything he thinks he can get through while the voters are watching Trump’s Twitter feed. It’s true, if you think that the Republicans are making hay while the sun shines (however cancerously unhealthy the light may be), then you may want to abandon voting until you are better able to see the wider forest that the trees would prefer you ignore.

Paul Ryan has gone on record as saying he believes that we don’t need any additional protections on the special counsel, because he takes the President’s word that he won’t attempt to interfere with the investigation in any way. Yes, this is the same president that lies so frequently that he is known for regularly lying about his lies. And yes, it is also the same Paul Ryan who would happily convene the 425th Benghazi investigation based on a telepathic message from his house cat.

Constitutionally speaking, Congress is tasked with keeping the President of the United States from violating his Constitutional oath, from using his power for political or personal gain, and other important issues like getting blowjobs from interns (which is clearly a far more dire situation than simply enriching your entire nepotistic family with the trappings of the office.)

So if the Special Counsel can’t indict him, and a sitting president can’t be sued in an official capacity, then impeachment really is the only alternative the American people have. The problem is, it really boils down to one person. Did you know that the Speaker of the House does not have to call any votes he doesn’t agree with?

Even though the government is meant to serve the people, Paul Ryan holds the only key to impeachment. And he won’t use it unless pressured to do so.

I’ll just leave the rest of this here…

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