Earlier this week, President Trump scared the crap out of his party by not only stating that we should confiscate people’s guns, but to also do so by violating people’s right to due process while doing so.

First off, someone explain to me why the GOP and its ministers of propaganda, Fox News, haven’t completely lost their minds at the thought of someone seizing guns without due process. Can you just imagine if President Obama had openly said (and I quote) “Take the guns first, go through due process second,”? That’s right, Donald Trump came out and actually said he was for unconstitutionally seizing America’s guns, in much the same way it was rumored that Barack Obama was supposed to be doing. The hypocrisy is now set to full-on caricature levels.

Mitch McTurtle and his loyal sidekick, Ryan Speaks, are far more insidious than President Trump will ever be. They did not ascend to their positions by being stupid. For over a year now, their main goal has been to get busy behind the scenes to make as many changes as possible, to take as much advantage of all of the current White House controversies. The smokescreen of words that continue to spew from the president’s mouth have the amazing ability to obfuscate the less sensational, but far more dire, reports that their own actions might otherwise generate.

So, while his handlers are busy making hay while the sun shines, someone has to chivy our Dear Leader back in line? That task now falls to the NRA.

How powerful has the NRA become? Well, considering that immediately after President Trump made the “due process” remark, the NRA’s top people were able to demand an appointment with the leader of the free world, in his own oval office no less, and very quickly redirect his attitude toward talking about touching other people’s guns.

“Mr. President, one more time… What do we say when someone wants to talk about touching other people’s guns?”

“If it’s someone else’s gun, that’s bad touching. Touching a patriot’s guns is bad.”

You see, this is now what passes for democracy today in America. This is now what it means to be “by the people, for the people”. If you want influence in Washington, you need money and power. And despite his promises to the contrary, the power of money and “pay to play” in Washington is now far, far worse with a self-proclaimed billionaire in the Oval Office. Despite his claims that his private wealth makes him beholden to no one, on the contrary, Donald Trump has never hidden his love of money, and the access it can afford you. The swamp has only grown in the last year, as industries finally get to set their own regulations from the top down.

Very simply, a school full of children, some injured. Some dead, is an acceptable casualty in the NRA’s war with America. They have made it clear that it acceptable to threaten, and kill, Americans, in the pursuit of their dystopian vision. Which, sadly, is driven by nothing more than greed. Sales. That’s it. Quarterly dividends only need to be notable enough to justify the deaths.

Meanwhile, that same school full children have now banded together and have begun to create a powerful movement that has begun to curtail millions in gun sales already, simply by virtue of the new sales restrictions recently enacted by Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, Kroger’s, LL Bean, and the like. Those same amazing kids, who are only one midterm election away from being legal voters themselves, can only dream of being so powerful that they could demand a meeting with the White House, and get it on the very next day.

Search and seizure violations be damned (again, see the “due process” statement). Screw the peaceful protestors and their emotional reactions at having watched their friends get slaughtered. We should all get a “sense of humor” about the fake news awards, because the First Amendment gives too much power to the downtrodden anyway, the Second Amendment is for the patriots. So quite simply, the only viable method of protection, we should offer schools, is good old American blue steel. The gun lobby has made it clear that we need not consider any of the other methods that the Constitution offers us, such as petitioning the Government for a redress of grievances, peaceful protest, As far as they’re concerned, the second Amendment eclipses all other laws, and there is nothing more to say on the topic. We shouldn’t need to worry about our debating skills, if we can just shoot the damn snowflakes on sight.

Remember, extremists will only talk in extremes. Engaging them in debate is pointless. These kids have the right idea, go after their money instead.

The balance of logic along with nutjob-crazy, has been off kilter for some time. Only now are Americans finding out how much pull the NRA has accrued and has been hoarding. The only thing in our favor right now is that the NRA is now being forced to act in the full light of day. Since Donald Trump has made been known to parrot the last thing he heard just he gets in front of a camera, the NRA’s need to fix his gaffs is happening so often now that it’s easier to catch them coming in the back entrance of the White House to tweak our government back to they way they like it. Gone are the days when they could dead-drop the bribe, and know that the rest will take care of itself. They know longer rely on the fact that the President of the United States is unable to maintain a political position for more time than it takes a squirrel to change direction.