This post is inspired by Moms Demand Action

The Middle Way was originally started as a record of my own efforts to seek, and learn the middle way. I have been searching for that way ever since. I can no longer ignore a very strong pull I have to helping foster this debate. We must moderate the extremes, for a house divided against itself cannot stand.

One topic that I have tackled a few times, and it’s one I feel passionate about, is the topic guns in America. I believe that there is a way for us to find the middle way on guns, and I believe the time to honestly try is now! We need to make sense of guns. We need to help our children, the same children who are leading us now. They need our help.

The NRA and its extreme right-wing stance on guns has hardened in recent years. They no longer resemble the well meaning group of hunters, and safety advocates I was introduced to in my youth. They staked their battle position decades ago, and America is waking up to that fact. They have circled their wagons around the Second Amendment, even at the expense of the remaining Constitution.

The far left is just as stuck in their opinions. Guns can be a wonderful tool. They can help feed your family, and help protect themselves from real danger. However, with consideration to our country’s founding, not something we should throw out with the bath water.

We need to talk while it is in the forefront of everyone’s consciousness. Yes, American have the right to protect themselves, that is at the heart of the Second Amendment. But the very idea of needing to defend ourselves from those obsessed with the same, is absolutely nuts.

The sinister vision of every American carrying a loaded weapon, will only end in a circular firing squad. The same love that drives that need to protect, now needs to be extended to those we are told to fear.

Please pass this on. Come here with ideas. Treat each other fairly while doing it though. Remember, you can’t change a person’s beliefs, but you can help them see yours. Listen to them, so they will listen to you. Only then can we come together. This blog is a semi-public forum. While it is moderated, it is not censored. I am opening it up for this talk. Copy and paste. Post and Tweet. Share if you can. Let’s come together.

Thank you,

The Middle Way