Have you ever had one of those situations where you knew you were going to be laid off at work? And do you remember having to wait on tenterhooks day after day, until the other shoe finally dropped? And do you remember how you finally felt after they let you go? That sense of relief when it was all over, and the tension lifted?

That’s kind of how I feel now about Trump’s “shithole” comment right now.

Up until now, the White House could pretend we all keep misunderstanding what the President says. They’ve continued to assert that it’s us that have racism on the brain, since we’re the ones who hear it in every innocent, and patriotic statement that the president makes.

Not anymore! Nope, there’s no candy coating a statement like “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?”, it stands on its own as a perfectly prejudiced presidential position.

Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief. No longer do we have to worry about whether or not the President of the United States is an out and out racist, it’s perfectly clear that he is. There is nothing left for the White House to obfuscate anymore, and there’s nothing left for the media to analyze either. The guy is a closed-minded prick with a dangerous agenda.

Donald Trump is an unabashed white supremacist, a braggart, crook, and a very, very scared white man who sees his views shrinking. He learned racism and hatred at the knee of his father, and he learned it well. He was sued for practicing racial segregation in his properties back in the 70’s. He felt it necessary to protect and defend other racists who marched in support of racism. His knowledge of the world is so distorted that he imagines entire continents of people that live only in huts, and beg for the white people to help them. Trump’s views are not antiquated, they can’t be antiquated if they aren’t even grounded in reality. But his views do have an audience out there, and a dangerous one at that.

And despite the White House’s statement that, “President Trump will always fight for the American people.”, you need only look at the American territory of Puerto Rico to know that’s a bold-faced lie. Currently there are millions of American citizens suffering, and dying on Donald Trump’s watch, and he doesn’t care even a little bit. He’s not only allowing it, he’s endorses it! Donald Trump blames these American citizens for having dark skin when they got hit by a natural disaster. Therefore, it’s their own fault.

So, don’t buy any more of the bullshit talking points you’re going to hear. He’s not going to “fight for all Americans”, Charlottesville and Puerto Rico should be enough to convince you of that. He’s not going to help the forgotten people of America, you need only look at the long-term effects of his tax plan to know that’s crap too.

And finally, I know that Donald Trump called the Russia probe a “witch hunt”. And I know everyone assumes what he means by that. But can you honestly tell me that he and Pence wouldn’t immediately convene an inquisition on witchcraft if they thought they could get away with it?