See, now this is the kind of red meat that you feed to the folks in your personal echo chamber. It balances on a grain of truth, and is designed to invoke incredulity, and rage by invoking some of what you already know (Trump plays more golf than any President in memory, and Congress is cutting funding to lots of important areas right now). But then it pretends the two are related. But let’s face it, it’s not as if Congress can somehow limit things like the President’s golfing. All the while feeding the ignorance that metastasizes within everyone’s partisan echo chamber, known as their social media circle.

In other words, no matter how bad you think a particular president is, or how much you hate them and what they stand for, this kind of shit does nobody any good. It’s not grounded in any non-alternative-facts, and only serves to divide us further. And just because someone did the same thing to your favorite president last time, that doesn’t mean it’s remotely smart, or that it’s not bullshit. The sooner we get to a place where we actually understand how our democratic republic works, the sooner we can get rid of all the clowns and dictators, and get back to electing some plain old crooked politicians again.

Friends, don’t let friends spread bullshit.