The latest mass shooting…

Investigators are trying to determine if the shooter was legally able to obtain, and own, multiple assault weapons.

Because all of this would be a larger problem if he didn’t own them legally?

I really don’t get any of this shit anymore. Even if he did everything wrong, and broke a dozen laws along the way… Even if everything he did absolutely proves the old adage “If guns were outlawed, then only outlaws will own guns”…

How is any of that more important than the fact that he shot and killed human beings for no reason?!

Even if there were a million laws limiting the sale of guns, why aren’t we looking at the fact that assault weapons have absolutely no practical use for everyday citizens. You can’t hunt little ducks with them. You can’t walk around with them in a holster for personal protection.

Oh wait! That Second Amendment thing… right!

So instead, just explain to me how arming every frightened, angry, or paranoid nut job that is worried about “them Sharias hating on our freedoms”, even remotely resembles that line about ‘a well regulated militia’?!

Give me some idea as to why we are able to learn more about automobile safety as time goes on (adding lap belts, 3-point restraints, air bags, crumple zones, etc.), learning from each tragedy, and helping to protect the next generation of automobile passengers better, year after year. But with mass shootings, we allow the NRA, and others, to make things incrementally more dangerous, and increase the body count exponentially.

For that matter, at what point did the ‘our’ rights in the Second Amendment, supersede the right of another person to not be killed for absolutely no reason?