So, it looks like the political pendulum has started to swing the other way again.

One year ago, the American voters (with the help of a few Russians) elected Donald Trump, and a flurry of other Republicans, into public office. It was a knee-jerk response to the election of Barack Obama, and a herd of Democrats, eight years earlier.

Usually what happens after a “correction” like this, is that the winning party sings the praises of the founding father’s wisdom. And for a little while they use phrases like “mandate by the people”, and proclaim that “the American voters spoke loud and clear”, regardless how little they won by.

The truth is, the collective voting public in America are about as decisive as a squirrel with a speeding car bearing down on it.

If you’re a Democrat you are probably really excited about the election results. And no doubt there are strategists out there already planning ways to leverage this small window to get things done before the pendulum swings the other way. Good, right?

No! That’s exactly the problem right now. The idea that you have to get enough of “your people” in office to overcome the opposition is the real enemy of democracy.

If we lose the ability to compromise, then the logical result will be a constantly imbalanced, and impotent system. And while that may seem okay if you agree with the person in power, it also means that you will also again be “the opposition” soon enough.

If you get people upset enough, they will continue to make emotional decisions when they need to make rational ones. And we will be right back here in another four to eight years.