The initial days surrounding a mass shooting are an inappropriate time to discuss gun control. People just died for Christ’s sake.

The mass shootings have been slowly, steadily, creeping closer, and closer together. They are now within weeks to days of each other.

The intersection of these two facts is that mass shootings will become so close together that there will never be an “acceptable” time for us to openly discuss how to kill less people.

Whenever some insensitive clod does succeed in getting the topic of gun control mentioned within that magically off-limits sphere of time surrounding any mass shooting, it should only last long enough to remind them that this is a mental health issue.

Soon there will be another attempt to act fiscally responsible, and throw 25,000,000 off of their healthcare. There will be no safety net for them, or help for their mental health issues.

Any attempt to use tax revenue to purchase healthcare instead of military weaponry, will result in the offender(s) being labeled a dirty, rotten, socialist*.

*(any gun-carrying neo-Nazis should ignore the fact that the original Nazi party were actually socialists).