It just occurred to me that Donald Trump might really be Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin. Or, at the very least, he is following the same career path. Here’s why I say that…

In the movie Aladdin, this Jafar/Trump guy is fixated on power. His whole goal is to possess this lamp that he knows will give him anything he wishes for, and so he seeks it out. And in doing so he steps on a few toes to get it (see ‘stepping on toes’ as a metaphor for trying to bury some kid alive).

Later in the movie when this whack job finally gets his hands on the lamp, he gets to make his three wishes. Coincidentally, Donald Trump appears to have made three wishes as well.

Donald’s first wish was to become a successful real estate mogul (this is kind of like a sultan, only not really). His father essentially gave him some money, property, pulled a few strings for his kid, and WHAM! Little Donnie was an all-powerful real estate developer.

Next, Jafar… Crap! I mean Donald Trump made his second wish. Donald began to get obsessed with getting his face on television screens across America. He also began to plant salacious stories about himself in every supermarket tabloid, in order to give himself the reputation of being a wealthy playboy who is desired by hot women everywhere (known in the Trumpverse as ’10’s’). Jafar just wanted to be an all-mighty sorcerer as his second wish.

But Donald Trump had far bigger aspirations. Donald wanted to be famous for being famous! That’s right! We should all be thankful that Paris Hilton hadn’t yet devised a much quicker method for doing so. Trump would have been more than happy to get his pee tape spread far and wide (sorry for the pun) if it got him what he wanted. It’s not like the guy is known for his scruples, or taste. And so, it took him a little longer to become a household name. He had his reality TV show, The Apprentice, to thank for that.

So, what was Donnie’s third, and final, wish?

Donald Trump had run roughshod through New York for years, earning his reputation as a sleazy real estate developer, known for not paying his bills. Next, his recognition sky rocketed when he became a reality TV star. Never one to sit on his laurels, Trump began to look for the next ladder he could climb. And he found it in an unlikely conspiracy theory that had begun to surface, regarding the status of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and the corresponding questions of his status as a U.S. citizen.

It was during this time that Donald became aware of a power he did not yet possess. And he found it while attending The White House Correspondence Dinner. It was there that Trump witnessed the power of the bully pulpit. And not just about its seemingly endless reach, more importantly (at least for him), was the fact that he couldn’t fight back! Anything he said would be endlessly compared to the roasting he had to sit there and take, while the cameras rolled, recording every moment of his humiliation.

Little Donnie wanted his very own bully pulpit.

Like Jafar when he realized the Genie had more power than he, Donald Trump was blinded by the powers of the presidency. So much so, that he was unable appreciate the sheer scrutiny the president of a democracy is under. He only saw the power, but not the accountability.

I don’t think Donald realized that he was supposed to serve the citizens of the United States. And that, as their president he would have to be accountable for his actions.

And that’s not all he didn’t understand. He didn’t know that the Attorney General couldn’t be used as his personal lawyer. I don’t think he understood that he couldn’t just ask his Supreme Court to overrule some very bad circuit court judge who had ruled against his Muslim ban. I’m not sure he realized that the other branches of government were actually separate, and that he wasn’t allowed to tell them what to do. And so, as compensation to the limits of his power, Little Donnie devised a new tool, the Twitty Pulpit.

With the Twitty Pulpit, Donald could shame the judges backed the law, instead of their Supreme Leader. Using the Twitty Pulpit, he could shame the individual members of Congress who decided to vote with their constituents, rather than being a loyal stooge of the Mango Mussolini, and voting the way he wants them to.

And so, after years of manipulating the press to get what he wanted, Donald suddenly found he was no longer able to control them. And there were a lot more of them now. Also, after years of breaking contracts, and shorting on his bills, Donald ran into an unforeseen roadblock. It seems as though people were actually expected him to keep the pledge he made when he promised to defend and uphold the Constitution… oops. In fact, everywhere he turned there was the press, the ACLU, special interest groups, and an endless line of people checking up on him.

It seems as though Little Donnie was no longer going to be able to play fast, and loose with the law when he needed to. Nor was he going to be able to just pay off the local police captain to make some shady charges disappear. And he was never going to be able to have one of his mob buddies break a few legs to help get his bid to the top of the list, so he could land a new development project.

No, those days were gone. It seems Donald Trump had just learned that the phenomenal cosmic powers of the presidency, exist only within the itty-bitty living space created by the scrutiny of the American people, for whom he now works.