If you haven’t heard yet, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson allegedly called President Trump a moron. Well, actually, I heard he called him a fucking moron, but do we really need to quibble about the details?

So, what does this mean? Was the Secretary of State being somehow insubordinate? Is this a crisis of diplomacy? Will this effect some of the high level negotiations being drafted with other world leaders?

Relax! The good news is that The Trump administration is so poorly staffed, that the State Department is effectively hobbled anyway. And if you’re worried about some healthy banter between two consummate professionals, don’t be. President Trump is a straight shooter, and will handle this like he handles most things, by dominating and controlling it! No one gets one over on The Donald in the area of size. He is simply bigger, in every way.  

Behold! The taxpayers will now be able to fund a study worthy of its own segment on Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Donald Trump is throwing down the gauntlet, and challenging Rex Tillerson to an IQ measuring contest! That’s right! You thought he was done displaying his superiority when he wanted to compare penis sizes with Little Marco, think again. Trump continues to steamroller the cucks, like real a president should!

Stand back, because Trump is whipping it out yet again! This time he’s going to show, once and for all, that he has words… he has the best words.  And I suspect we will see some WWF-like actions, intended to humiliate in ways that no other president ever, in the history of the world, been forced to demonstrate. No one puts Baby in a corner! Look out ladies, no fainting. And guys, weep quietly, no one wants to hear it.