Donald Trump’s legacy is already written. There are two versions sitting on a shelf somewhere, waiting for someone to take one of them down. 

You see, presidents worry about their legacy because it’s the one thing that remains attached to their name for all of history. And by the time you become President of the United States you’ve proven you care what people think of your name. So, that becomes a unique motivator. After the last 8 months it has become clear that Donald Trump’s legacy is going to end up being one of only two things. How is it possible that it could be narrowed down already? Well, because Russia messed with our election. We know they did. And, aside from a handful of conspiracy theorists, everyone else in the world knows it too. And they’re all watching to see how it will end.

So, would you like to know what the only two possible legacies for Donald Trump are at this point?

Either he was complicit in the crime, and therefore will be remembered as the man who helped a known enemy of the United States strike a massive blow to the democratic process. And, did it for personal gain.

Or, Trump himself is innocent. He never colluded with the Russians. But, because he was so blindly driven by his narcissism, and megalomania, he decided to focus on everyday “fake news” stories, or Twitter wars with his detractors. Meanwhile, the Russian government finally achieved their goal of forever marking every democratic election with an asterisk, from here on in.

Which one do you think it will be?