White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “Now is not the time to get into a gun control debate, or to talk about policy.” 


It’s okay to talk about FEMA, or the quality of the government’s response to a major hurricane right after the event. You’re also welcome to discuss any number of crazy midnight tweets coming out of the White House, any time you like. You can even bring up the water quality in Flint, MI everyday of the year if you want!

But, it is never a good time to have a debate about guns in America. If you wait until a shooting happens until you raise concerns, you are being insensitive and politicizing the deaths. If you bring gun control up at other times, you just get attacked for being some snowball cluck, or whatever this week’s insult du jour is in politics.

That’s because you just got played by the gun lobby. They know that people who are for laws aimed at preventing gun violence are usually compassionate people. And what’s the best way to win a fight? Turn your opponents assets back in them as a weapon.

In every other terrible situation, we try to learn from it. We try to make lemonade from the lemons. But with guns and gun violence, the gun lobby has been dictating the narrative for years. Why? Because that is when they are the most vulnerable.

When I was a kid, every hunter and member of the NRA that I knew would lecture us kids about gun safety, and they’d denounced any senseless killing. Now that I am an adult, almost every person that I know who hunts, or just enjoys shooting, also talk about gun safety, and are still against senseless killing.

But there is one thing else they do now, they follow that up with anger at the thought of losing their guns. The difference between then and now is… someone has made them afraid. Someone has been telling them that people are plotting behind their backs. And then they followed it up with a barrage of memes and tweets that were easy to pass on.

That was Phase 1

Things are changing again. Now people are making up stories to explain how these horrible mass shootings are staged! It’s all part of the master plan of some shadowy government group, hell bent on taking the guns from honest hard working citizens. Guns they protect their family with. And assault rifle sails soar!

It used to be called propaganda. Now, it’s called fake news. It’s been around for a long time.