This is just a reminder: When some athletes take a knee today during the national anthem, remember it all started as a protest about police shootings, and brutality against black people.

Our Psychotic in Chief has decided to hijack these protestor’s narrative for his own purposes. He wants to distract the press from reporting on people dying in Puerto Rico because his administration is so poorly staffed, and completely incompetent in many areas. He wants to distract everyone from an ever-widening Russia probe, and the fact that he is throwing his staff else under the bus (meanwhile this self-proclaimed billionaire is having the RNC pay for his legal bills). And, he wants to distract everyone from the original purpose of the protest. His supporters either don’t believe it anyway, or they actually support it, so he needs to support his dwindling base. And as for the rest of the country, make them argue amongst themselves about flag etiquette.

If the Russians have proven one thing, it’s that it’s easier to have your enemy take themselves down from within, if all they need is a little push. Don’t fall for it.