You know when you’re watching a political debate, and they ask a simple question like, “Senator Frankenstein, the Times just wrote an unflattering story about your grandfather, and his macabre legacy. Will you continue to uphold the current ban on the reanimation of dead tissue for the sole purpose of hearing a corpse sing ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’?” Only to have the politician reply “That’s a great question Walter! But, I’d like to take a second, and go back to my point on states’ rights as it pertains to grave robbing…”

That’s called a redirect. What that slippery little politician is actually saying there is, “My position on this stuff sucks! But, ACME Caskets is my biggest political donor, so I’m going to just pivot here over to this other hot button tangent. Boom! Perfect. Now people are getting all worked up over something else. Even though it’s been settled law for decades!” Works like a charm, every time.

That’s what this whole National Anthem smokescreen is really all about. In the last week or so, some potentially damaging stuff has come out in connection with the Russia probe. The posturing he’s done to make Kim Jong Un back down, has instead caused Kim to claim that we’ve declared war on North Korea. And his much anticipated speech at the UN has been repeatedly compared to ones made by Ahmadinejad, Castro, and Arafat.

You can call Donald Trump a lot of things, but ignorant of how to use the media to your own advantage, isn’t one of them. As I was getting ready for work this morning the news was constant. Football players, team owners, coaches, fans, and veterans of all ages, weighing in on this explosive issue that just seemed to materialize out of nowhere.

But it’s not out of nowhere. It is the results of the American public, served by a predictable media, being shown a shiny new object that’s been there all the time (and for that matter, will be here long after Trump’s final parole denial). We have collectively all looked down after we were told our shoes we untied. And we only have ourselves to blame for looking, meanwhile Trump has ran off with the silverware.