As reports surface of an “earthquake” in North Korea in the area where they recently tested a hydrogen bomb, it makes you think.

Nuclear brinksmanship is a strategy that has more in common with a game of chicken in a couple of 1970’s muscle cars, than it does with chess. Primarily because it’s more about testosterone, than it is about tactics. For that matter, I have little doubt that Trump, or Kim, would be willing to “whip it out” if it came to that.

It seems like we are getting further away from having leaders who can recognize that humility and compromise can be far more powerful than posturing, or bravado will ever be. Add to that a few latent daddy issues, some questionable mental stability, a bad haircut, and an ever-present entourage of people who are too afraid to disagree with you out loud, and you end up right where we are now. The worst part is, you can’t even tell which one of these two knuckleheads I’m talking about!

Besides, neither one of them cares enough about the people they represent to risk their own reputation by actually wondering if the other guy is serious or not. It’s a choreographed tap dance in a field full of cow pies. And, if you’re wondering how it all ends, you’re in luck, the whole thing gets played out in this 3 minute video.