So here’s my latest idea: The newest conservative push is to somehow “earmark” their taxes so they don’t have to pay for contraception or abortions. I say we allow the same exceptions for defense spending. I would no longer like to pay for the tools used to kill people in any fashion. Instead, I would like it to be used to pay for healthcare. I am not looking for “free” healthcare, instead I would prefer that my taxes to be earmarked as well.

However, if this is too objectionable, I would be willing to compromise: No earmarks. Instead, we just increase the tax base overall by removing any loopholes normally reserved for religious exceptions.

A society is really just a bunch of people cooperating, and compromising. When we lose that, we regress to a state of myopic, self-interested factions. Kind of like Afghan warlords, only with access to a Starbucks.