If you’re losing your shit about the executive order that Trump signed to dismantle the environmental protections that are currently in place, don’t be. It was presented by the administration as if he destroyed things with the stroke of a pen, but all he did was “order it done”, and here’s why that’s different (and good for those who oppose him).

What Trump signed is just another executive order. The fact is that, all he is ordering is the dismantling of many pieces of well crafted legislation. There is a very good chance that as long as people continue to battle this the same way they did his “Muslim Ban”, then he will have just as much luck as he did with that mess… which is to say NONE (or at the most, very little).

Each piece of this will be fought out on legal grounds, based on their merits and not on Trump’s wishes. It could take as long as a year for this to go through the whole process, during which most of (possibly all of) the standing legislation will be upheld… if people continue to fight!

Now if the time to start fighting, do not give up.