Seriously, this is painful and frustrating to watch. Trump says he’s a smart guy and doesn’t need repetitive security briefings every day because he’s “too busy to hear the same thing over and over.” But honestly the only thing we know for sure that Trump is actually doing lately is getting pissed off about personal slights on his character and taking to Twitter in the early morning hours to complain and threaten.

Back in the days when he was the one casting aspersions on the sitting president, he complained that Obama wasn’t responding. Of course the reason was the man was busy with much larger issues than defending himself against foolish character attacks.

The president will always be a target and can’t be this easily distracted. Each time this comes up, he rhetorically asks “why shouldn’t I be able to defend myself?”  The answer is that the job of the president is so large and all-encompassing that defending himself from petty attacks is no longer his job!

He wants to appear as a tough guy and a powerful leader. But the problem is that any first year psychology student can see that his posturing is nothing more over-compensating for his own feelings of inadequacy. Trump’s unknown-knowns are blatantly obvious to the rest of the world, yet hidden from himself due to a lifetime’s worth of trying to measure up that only served to distract Donald from his own true nature.