It seems to me that laws like North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill are stupid on so many levels that the people who drafted them are the worst kind of dumb. They believe they’re smart because they have letters after their name, even though they go out of their way to punish anyone who doesn’t agree with how they think the world should work. They hide behind what they claim to be God’s law, but feel the need to add on a few of man’s laws… just in case.

“In case of what?” you ask. Well, if someone identifies as a particular gender there is a very good chance that is reflected in how they look, right? So it’s going to be difficult for a closed-minded bigot to tell who is what. Therefore, they need to write laws to protect themselves from their biggest fear: Getting too drunk and having sex with a person who isn’t who they thought they were!

The other part that is so frustrating is that the people who are writing and enforcing these laws belong to the party of less government… *wink wink*. They use the very thing they swear to limit in order to expand their reach and seek control of a world that is changing around them. Many of these lawmakers probably grew up in households that thought Easy Rider had a happy ending. So stopping others from being different is the real family business they’ve inherited. It’s a business that’s driven by Fear and Hate, while masquerading as Christianity and Patriotism, but embodying neither.