Let’s put aside everything that has happened politically in the last two years, okay? In fact, let’s go way back to 1980’s for a few minutes. There’s a new type of TV station called MTV where Flock of Seagulls is part of the new wave, (special emphasis on the word “new”); the latest high tech wrist watch is made by Casio; Ronald Reagan is in the White House; and the Russians are an existential threat to the United States.

Now, imagine it’s the 1984 election and Ronald Reagan lost to Mondale. A month before he takes office there is talk within intelligence circles, and not just among tin foil hat wearers, that the Soviets influenced the election to oust Reagan. And Walter Mondale’s public response is “Nah! I don’t believe it! These are the same people who couldn’t get back out hostages in Iran!”

Would Republican’s go along with that? Would they be okay with just glossing over the loss of The Reagan White House because a foreign government might have, just possibly, influenced the outcome of one of our elections?! Would they be comfortable when Mondale says there’s no evidence so what’s the point?! Or would they probably want an independent committee to take a really close look at everything?

Why is it that the same people whose blood pressure boils when someone doesn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, willing to just brush off any suggestions that Russia has fucked with our election in any capacity at all?!

No matter what the reason, how can anybody be okay with the President-Elect just discounting our intelligence agencies? Is it because he is afraid of the outcome? I mean, that would explain things. On the other hand, if Trump is right and it’s baseless, wouldn’t he want to make sure everyone knows he was right?!

Something doesn’t smell right… This looks like a job for moose and squirrel!