(tumbling along in Ginsberg’s wake, may he absolve me)

I saw the best friendships of my generation destroyed by politics,
raving partisan lunatic, filling the stark white streets with an anger they refused to see,
hicks and hipsters burning crosses and effigies to kick the political machines to one side,
rejuvenating poverty middle-class tattered to a blank-eyed smoking crater of cities contemplating sanctuary,
the minds of men interpret Jesus and Muhammad to illuminate their ideas and fears,
PC culture pauses on universities to keep the cold-stares fixed on the least civil of wars,
the expulsion of the crazy became the target of the right, they fight to relive the heyday of the white and obscene,
where they once cowered in plain sight lining their pockets with the scare of terror that funded their rape,
from Laredo to Los Angeles the 99 occupied their news in a nightmare of colored faces labelled with drugs that had been planted decades earlier,
as the storm cloud ceases motion and bids foreboding to the socialist Dem making more sense than cents,
filling the cemeteries with fentanyl no longer requiring the heroine dame to punch a clock,
alcohol’s predictive ways fell short of the final solution as they sought to seek the back doors,
the most private of prisons are lined with cake and cash heeding nobody’s needs and suck at the proletariat’s tax,
as Big Orange gets a sexy leg-up from Russia over Chinas migraine and Mexican walls,
thin lines of bleak light leak through false news to the social network happenings tweet tweet twist,
dancing on a pin and seeking sex wags the dog and cups his balls,
the implosion of decency fell from the tightrope held fast by the Gipper polished by the Peach puppet-master,
on and on I’ll Howl as Ginsberg did with no reparations coming, lost in the spokes of a tire spinning out of orbit,
forever feigning is the innocent and the ugly, forever tainted gold by the polished Tangerine, dream member dream, accountable to none