Staff: “Ummm… No sir, Mr. President elect sir. It appears as if satire is also protected under that pesky Amendment you keep talking about.” 

Trump: “Very unfair! Lots of people are saying so.” 

Staff: “Yes sir. It appears as if there is precedent here though. Reports confirm this has happened to other presidents.”  

Trump: “Well sure they did it to the Kenyan born one. He was the worst in history. Everyone says so.”  

Staff: “Ummm… yes sir. But it appears as though it’s happened to approximately 43 other Presidents aside from your predecessor Mr. President elect.” 

Trump: “Very unfair! How am I supposed to respond to this then?! Very unfair!” 

Staff: {Taps his earpiece, pretends someone is talking over it so he can avoid responding…} 

Trump (mumbling to himself now): “Very unfair. Day one… I’ll show them. Day one…”