I’ve received a lot of messages from readers who think my last post is saying that it’s okay to let the hate flourish. I’m not. 

The Middle Way was originally started as a place for me to explore how to navigate a life that is full of extremes. The term “The Middle Way” is what The Buddha called his path. He was raised as a prince and lived in opulence. He abandoned that life and went to live as an ascetic. Neither brought him enlightenment, because the extremes cloud our perception of how things really are. When he sought a middle way, he realized this was his path to nirvana.

I am guilty of veering off the rails politically lately and giving a false sense of where I originally intended this blog to come from. But ultimately it’s about the deeper work. It’s not about throwing out the baby with the bath water. It’s about knowing there is a human beneath all of the hate.

The challenge is always to look at your own thinking and beliefs. It’s about wondering how Ghandi defeated an empire without violence, or why the Dalai Lama never says a word of condemnation against the Chinese people. It’s about how to find internal peace, and not have to live in fear and anger. It’s not easy work, and it’s not for everybody. The ego rears up when challenged. Fear says not to look behind that door.

If you are looking for a place to gather and hate “the other side”, this isn’t your room. If you are looking for a way to let go of the anger and the fear, to be okay on the inside no matter what the circumstances, then please, come back and read.