Here’s the thing. I can’t imagine any scenario where I would have supported Donald Trump.

Ever since I can remember hearing his name emerge in the 80’s, it was synonymous with things like egotism, tackiness, manipulation, materialism, bad hair, gaudy women, shady business practices, disregard for others, tax shelters, overreaching business, scripted ‘reality TV’, humiliating people, womanizing, etc.

For me, he has never represented anything positive, stable or inspiring. I realize that it is different for everyone. I hope soon we can come back together as a nation. I don’t know if that’s possible. Things are broken and he represents much of what has happened to our political system.

The rest of what is wrong with our system is embodied in the Clinton legacy, and most of it revolves around money. Money in politics. Money as the ultimate authority. Money for hire. Money, and the cult of personality.

We lost a very big chance at a new deal with Bernie. It’s likely the closest we will ever get in my lifetime. However, no one can deny the amount of people moved by his message.

One thing is for certain, the people have spoken this election cycle, and what they said is that things must change or we will tear ourselves apart. We are on the verge of major internal strife in this country, and this election exposed many of the chinks in our armor. It’s these weaknesses that will be exploited if we don’t work to repair them. The largest of these deficiencies is our ability to deal with each other. 

Tomorrow, reach out to a neighbor who voted for the other candidate and buy them a cup of coffee, or a beer, just because. We need to heal. No one’s going to do it for us, least of all the candidates who needed to divide us for votes.