So while working in a public school district years ago, I watched a troubling story unfold. It’s kind of relative to the election so I’d like to share it with you.

You see there was this custodian who had recently been hired, and before I got to know him, he was suddenly let go. As far as I knew he did his work and seemed reasonable enough. So, like everyone else I was pretty curious as to what happened! And, as it tends to happen, after a period of time it finally came out as to why he was let go so quickly and quietly.

Here’s the abridged version. Apparently this guy had worked in another school district prior to coming to work with us. And, it seems, he had been fired from that job because he decided to have sex with a recently graduated student.

Now, the specifics of the story are that he waited until the girl turned 18, and once she graduated and left school, began having an affair with her. And while it’s clear that he was relying on the letter of the law for this to be technically acceptable, you most likely cringed just by reading those last couple of sentences. Because no one wants their teenage kid around some creep with such an unusual interest in kids. 

So someone please explain to me why in the hell we aren’t collectively losing our minds over the fact that the Republican Party’s candidate for President of the United States, has been recorded making comments to a 10 year old girl that he intended on dating within a decade?! And based on his very public history in the media, his own disturbing comments on his own daughter’s looks, and not a single person doubts that he meant every word of it!!!

Seriously people. This is not some he said/she said thing that can’t be verified, we have him actually saying it! And we have him saying he’s so the same thing with his daughter!!!

I have a question or three for you if you’re thinking of voting for Trump, or you know someone who is. How would you feel if it the custodian I mentioned worked at your kid’s school, or maybe the school your niece’s goes to. And what if the district said to you, “Sure, he slept with a student, but it’s not like she was still at the school! She graduated last month for crying out loud! Leave the guy alone, we’re not getting rid of him. I’m sure it was a one time thing anyway.”? Would you be able to sleep comfortably knowing that? And if you are going to hold a custodian to that kind of morality, what is so wrong in this world that you’d be willing to completely ignore the same conduct in major candidate for leader of the free world?!

Seriously. I’d love to hear an explanation as to why it’s alright for him to do it, and an it should be an explanation that doesn’t just spin the answer over to why someone else is so much worse. Just explain why it’s alright, on it’s own merits alone. Thanks.