Saturday Night Live started in the mid 70’s and almost immediately, in true Second City spirit, began Roasting Presidents and Politicians. And, good-naturedly, there are many politicians who felt like getting skewered on SNL was a right of passage, and they even looked forward to it! And, since living in a country where freedom of the press is a founding principal going back to King George III and our independence, it helps to learn how to take criticism well if you’re in politics.

Not so with the. Notoriously thin-skinned Donald “I can’t take an ounce of criticism” Trump. Nope! It’s not criticism to him, it’s a conspiracy! Just like Obama’s birth certificate, elections rigged ahead of time when his poll numbers started dropping, Vince Foster, climate change, the Fed’s artificially held interest rates, 9/11 and maybe even the moon landing for all I know!

The thing about satire is that it will eventually pass into yesterday’s history if left to stand on its own, but it becomes very current news when you attack it. How Trump hasn’t figured this out yet makes me question his actual intelligence, but then again, so do clips like this. The jokes that politicians fight back at get remembered far longer than they would have if they were simply enjoyed, or ignored (Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impression comes to mind here). But as always, Trump has been mugging for attention for so long, he doesn’t know how to not look for it, like some a toupeed blowfly to a corpse. If this guy gets into the White House his political enemies are going to have a field day, unless he succeeds in getting the First Amendment suspended