I know there’s lots of people saying “How can there possibly be anyone who’s undecided at this point in this election?!” 

Well, I actually know quite a few. And for the most part they were previously Bernie supporters. And the big issue is that they just plain hate Hillary Clinton. Many of them worked themselves into such a froth that they refuse to even consider voting for her. 

I get that. 

But, they also detest Donald Trump and would never vote for him either. In fact, quite a few of them are wringing their hands because they don’t know what to do. They know how dangerous Trump is, but they feel like they are betraying themselves by going back on their word if they vote for Clinton. 

But here’s the thing… during the primaries when everyone was developing their bias against Clinton, Trump was just a obscure joke. Now, he is a very real and obvious threat to our entire way of life, and maybe humanity as a whole.

Part of maturity and adulthood is being required to make very unpalatable decisions sometimes. Too many people are just saying “I’ve lost interest. It sucks either way, so why bother.” 

The way I see it, that kind of mentality is nothing more that immature avoidance. Someone is going to be elected president in November, and they are going to affect your life whether you try to ignore this uncomfortable truth or not. We get one shot at this. For once, hang up your personal biases and self-righteous anger and actually think about what the worst case scenario is with each of the two candidates who have a chance. 

With Clinton the worst case scenario seems to be more of the same. Yes, it’s true, she may not be the second coming of Lincoln, and things may not get better, or maybe they will. She might have deleted important emails, or they might have just been reminders to Bill to pick up milk on the way home. We may never know. 

With Trump the worst case scenario may be (based on his own words) a number of very alarming things. He may very well bomb the shit out of a country who is threatening us, setting off a new war (with, or without nukes). He might attempt to imprison his political rivals like some banana republic dictator with an ax to grind. He could also give in to the next empty threat from North Korea and start World War III. It’s possible that the First Amendment will be suspended in an attempt to bring that damn lying media under his thumb. Or maybe he’ll just bring back the internment camps from the mid-20th century, locking away anyone with a connection to the Middle East.

The point is, on balance, the worst case scenarios aren’t even close. And so, for those who don’t know what to do because they don’t want to go back on their word to themselves, or can’t bring themselves to vote for another Clinton… it’s time to grow up a little and face an uncomfortable choice. It may not be ideal, but just because you want to ignore it doesn’t mean you aren’t still responsible, and that it won’t effect you. 

So step up. Make a decision. There really are only two people with a chance at being your next president. By refusing to vote for either, you give a little more power to the one that is the biggest danger.