Part of any winning political strategy is to show how your opponents perceived strengths are actually weaknesses, or to show how their actions actually prove your point.

I really hope Clinton’s people haven’t missed this point when it comes to Donald Trump’s $916 million tax evasion, because this was effing pure gold!

As a developer Trump made all of his money by borrowing the cash to build, stiffing the contractors who did the work, and then writing it all off through a massive loophole. The scenario is well explained in this Daily Beast article.

How is this good for the Clinton campaign? 

There’s no way you could find a better example of why the Republican “Job Creators” narrative only really sounds good from the stump, but it has never benefited anyone outside of a very small circle. It also shows that the real effects of trickle down economics is the creation of predators like Donald Trump. And the Clinton campaign couldn’t find a better way to show how the top 1% have exploited the tax laws that were written by their Washington cronies in order to give these predators the opportunity to execute these scams, and then lets them wiggle off through some loophole in order damage more lives and families.