When I was a teenager, I knew someone who had taken some LSD and was having a bad trip. In an effort to help him come out of it his friends hung out with him and tried to help him get his head into a better space.

During this time they went for a walk and ended up going into a store to get some something to drink. Unbeknownst to them another teenager had just left the store after cleaning out the register when the owner wasn’t looking. 

So the group walks into the store and moments later the owner finds the empty register. He flips out and begins blaming the group of kids, including my friend. Soon everyone was yelling back and forth, except my friend who was still up in his head, having a bad trip.

All he knew was that his whole goal at this point was to get himself a Coke.

The owner screamed and yelled and threatened to call the cops. 

“Where the hell did they keep the Cokes?!”, he keeps obsessing over and over to himself?!

His friends kept defending themselves as the situation escalated. 

Finally, my friend’s head got too full and he blurted out “Where the hell can I get a coke?! I’m really thirsty!”

Everyone stopped. The yelling stopped. The blaming stopped. And for a second it was dead quiet. Finally the owner said, “Back over there in that cooler.”

And so my friend went and got his Coke, pulled out his his money and waited dutifully at the register, oblivious to everything that had just happened.

Finally the owner was so disarmed by the sheer normality of the request and offer to pay that he suddenly realized that these weren’t his culprits. And so he rang everyone up and they went on their way, exchanging angry looks at one another. 

The moral of this story?

Sometimes I feel like Donald Trump’s supporters are like the guy on the bad trip. To them the world is still about just getting something to drink. They are still arguing about the issues as if their candidate hasn’t done anything that wrong. Meanwhile the press, pundits and anyone with a voice is raising the alarm like that store owner, because something seriously bad has happened, but the idiots in from of him are too fucked in the head to see how bad it is.